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ThoughtReactor Law Firm Consulting

IMG 4051ThoughtReactor Law Firm Consulting provides technical and trial preparation services to law firms in the central Georgia area, including: Macon, Warner Robins, Centerville, and Perry. I specialize in assisting attorneys and law firms with preparing, creating, and organizing electronic evidence into more functional formats.

Some of the trial preparation services I provide are:

  • Convert DVDs to digital files
  • Redact audio and video files
  • Clip audio and video files into specific, predefined segments
  • Synchronize audio and video files with transcripts
  • Capture and export surveillance video into a usable, shareable format
  • Convert and combine documents into OCRd PDFs
  • Extract pages from PDFs into individual pages or documents
  • Embed audio, video, or images into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

Some of the technical services I provide are:

  • Setup Google Apps to manage office communication
  • Encrypting portable, laptop, and desktop hard drives

To better accommodate your needs, I provide both onsite and offsite services. All trial preparation files can be delivered on a CD/DVD, downloaded from the client area on this website, or copied to your personal computer or external hard drive. All files will be saved in a universal format which can be easily played or opened on most computers, making it easy and hassle-free for opening and presenting your evidence before judges and juries.

When preparing a case for trial, you worry about the legal stuff, and I will worry about the technical stuff. Contact me today to discuss your technical or trial preparation needs!


About Jeff Prater

I have over eight years experience working with office technology, audio/video technology, and workplace automation. From 2005-2011, I worked for the Houston County District Attorney's Office as the Director of Information Technology. While serving the citizens of Houston County, I planned, designed, and developed Georgia's first paperless prosecutor's office... (read more)

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